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Our handleless paper bags are low cost and have a natural appearance. Our bottom pouch kraft paper bags provide safe and long-term protection by keeping your products away from external factors, thanks to the breathable structure of kraft paper.

We ensure that the kraft bags remain healthy and hygienic with the water-based inks we use in the printing of our handleless kraft paper bags.

Thanks to the smooth surface of our kraft papers, better printing can be done on paper bags with twist handles.

Our handleless bottom paper bags are produced in sizes that suit your wishes, with or without printing.

Paper bottom bags are completely environmentally friendly. It is a very good alternative to plastic bags. It disappears in nature within a few months.

Kraft paper bags can be recycled over and over again because they are produced from recyclable paper.

Paper bags are much more preferred because they are a much more economical product than cardboard bags.

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Food, Pharmacy, Textile, Shoes, Patisserie, Dried Nuts, Bakery, Cafes and Restaurants, Fast&Food, Ready-made clothing, Chocolate and Confectionery, Coffee, Stationery, DIY stores, Electronic Markets, Chain Markets are the main using sectors.

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