5 steps to recycling at home

12 August 2022

Today, as a result of the increase in consumption habits, the concept of recycling continues to gain importance day by day.

With recycling, the amount of waste released to nature decreases, while protecting natural resources and saving energy. So, is it possible to apply recycling at home? Serving its customers with a deep-rooted history of more than 150 years, Generali Sigorta shared 5 steps that will enable recycling with small steps to be taken at home:

Separate waste

Recycling starts at home. When it comes to recycling at home, the first thing that comes to mind is the separation of garbage. Despite this, there is still no conscious action in waste sorting, and this sensitive issue is not taken seriously. One of the most successful steps of recycling at home is zero or near-zero waste. It is possible to separate waste and recycle it at home by making different waste bins such as glass, plastic, metal, paper and chemical. Or, plastic, paper and glass wastes in homes can be separated and easily left in recycling containers located on the street corners.

Use ecological products

Recently, there have been problems in many parts of the world, especially due to the increase in the use of plastic and equivalent products. In order to overcome this problem, worldwide initiatives continue at full speed. By choosing eco-friendly ecological products, it is possible to contribute to both the protection of nature and the recycling of homes. In the production processes of ecological products, methods and materials that can harm natural life from production to consumption are avoided. There are ecological alternatives to a variety of products in different categories, such as cleaning products, sanitary pads, toothbrushes and coffee filters.

Evaluate waste

Separated wastes can be reused by various methods and turned into goods. In this way, many materials, items, toys such as flower pots, colored boxes and decorations are obtained. It is possible to turn a glass bottle into a vase or a night light, a plastic waste vase or a flower pot, and any cardboard waste into a toy that will capture the imagination of children.

Generate income by collecting waste

Making money by collecting waste is one of the most widely known and most done jobs. Some income can be obtained by selling wastes such as copper, plastic, pet bottles and iron to recycling factories. The income to be obtained by collecting waste depends entirely on how much waste is collected. Cardboard, plastic pet bottles or paper are the easiest to find and also the cheapest waste.

Support the collection of waste oils

Every 1 liter of waste oil spilled from sinks pollutes 1 million liters of clean water. Hundreds of thousands of tons of waste oil is released to nature every year in our country. However, it is possible to collect oils and convert them into biodiesel. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, which is sensitive to this important issue, answers the questions of the citizens on this issue 24 hours a day through the unit it has set up at the ALO 181 Call Center.
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